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Aug. 24th, 2016 09:42 am
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Name: Benedict Sorellin-Lancaster
Canon: The Cinder Spires series by Jim Butcher
Scrubs Color: Black
Visible Age: 21
Gender: Male
Height: 6'3"
Physique: Athletic but not super muscular
Complexion: Fair
Hygiene: Excellent
Hair: "[...] tawny brown hair cut into a soft, thick brush" (49).
Eyes: Golden brown. Originally he had vertical-slit pupils like a cat, but that trait was removed upon arrival so his eyes look totally normal, if a little more yellow than is common.
Defining Marks: Benedict's most defining marks have been erased upon arrival, so he wouldn't say he has any. But he is tall and broad-shouldered, with thick dark hair, and although his eyes are totally normal now, they tend to be piercing, hidden beneath thick brows. He is described in the book as appearing "like all warriorborn, a particularly athletic-looking, masculine specimen of a man lined with hard, lean muscle. The effect [is] impressive" (157).
Accent/Speech: Generically posh, with a vaguely British accent. Benedict is highly educated, so his vocabulary is large, but he's not necessarily prone to affected mannerisms, although his mode of speech might seem out-dated to some.
Bearing/Demeanor: Well-mannered and polite, Benedict nonetheless holds himself with the easy confidence of someone who is assured of their place in life. He's been trained as a soldier, so he tends to be straight-backed and solid.
Gait: Benny is described as "loping" often in the books. He's fast and athletic, so he moves easily wherever he goes, with the kind of loose grace of someone who has been trained in how to use their body and feels very comfortable doing so.
Habits: He tends to walk slowly, steadily, and takes his time before coming to a decision. He is used to wearing a sword at his hip, which means he will often reach for the hilt as if to comfort himself with its presence; it will be difficult to break that habit even with the sword gone.

Skills: Aside from the general abilities of the warriorborn, Benedict is an excellent fighter. He has lived and trained in the Spirearch’s Guard for years now and is considered one of their best guardsmen. He is especially talented in swordsmanship, although his hand-to-hand isn’t shabby either. This might not be the most useful skill as things stand, but should the need arise to protect the village, he wouldn’t hesitate to throw himself headfirst into the fray.

Having studied at the Wayist Temple, Benedict is remarkably patient. There comes a time when all the fussing and fretting in the world will accomplish nothing, and he is capable of recognizing that point and accepting it when it comes, taking a metaphorical step back and waiting to see what will come.

As the eldest son in his family, even if he is an unimportant lesser cousin to the “throne” of House Lancaster, Benedict is also very diplomatic. He’s had to learn how to be, especially since his younger cousin Gwen, the heiress, is anything but. For all that Benedict likes to steer clear of politics, preferring to remain an impartial observer as opposed to anything else, he’s capable of stepping in and acting as mediator if he has to. Despite his best efforts to the contrary, he’s been raised to lubricate relationships between House Lancaster and the other High Houses, which means he’s been trained in many of the refined arts one would expect of the aristocracy. He’s able to play a handful of different instruments, he can dance, he can sing, he can even draw with passing skill. While these skills may not seem all that useful, and as far as bare survival is concerned, aren’t that useful, as far as morale is concerned, they certainly can be.


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